Oppo F19 With Super AMOLED Display

The Oppo F19 smartphone is arguably the lowest priced smartphone in the entire world. At an entry level of its price range, the Oppo F19 sets itself above the rest of its peers in the smartphone market. Unlike many mid-budget smartphones which run at a few hundred dollars, the Oppo F19 boasts of a unique and attractive features list that draws in customers from across the industry. The low price tag and impressive feature set makes the Oppo F19 one of the most sought after phones in India by a wide range of consumers.

One of the foremost features that attract people to the Oppo F19 lies in its dual camera set up. With a single 16 mega pixels camera on the rear housing a 5 mega pixel camera on the front, the Oppo F19 can double up as a dual camera smartphone. The advanced image processing engine allows the user to transfer photos from the rear camera with just a tap on the screen. It also allows the user to capture videos with the help of its built-in video camcorder feature. The other great aspect of the Oppo F19’s camera set up is its superior memory which stores images and videos for over 10 hours.

The Oppo F19’s multi-tasking ability is further enhanced by its amazing battery which scores a high four stars for portability on the device. At just over 5,000mah, this phone’s battery can charge quickly when needed. To top it all, the Oppo F19 runs on Windows CE platform making it highly portable. Although the device has not been through any major carrier test, it is recommended that consumers try it out for themselves for a month or two before making the final decision of buying it. There are very few cheap phones in the market which can boast with such outstanding battery life, portability, performance and durability.

The front and back cameras on the Oppo F19 are both pretty impressive. With a high resolution lens which takes excellent photos at any setting and the ability to capture clear video, the Oppo F19 makes the perfect user’s camera. The camera has an inbuilt Olight voltage alarm which turns on automatically when the battery is low and a LED flashlight to illuminate the camera lens when necessary. In terms of size, the Oppo F19 measures in at just over eight inches long but thanks to its brushed aluminum body, it looks larger and is definitely stylish.

Despite its small size, the Oppo F19 packs quite a punch with its high speed performance which has made it one of the most sought after gadgets in town. The battery Oppo F19  , despite having a capacity of only 4800 mah, can last up to two weeks at maximum while the G downsizing sensor and Olight voltage alarm allow it to work even when the battery is low. The two things that make this handset so popular amongst users are its durability and its superb camera and sound quality.

A typical Oppo F19 battery can last up to two weeks even when under heavy usage, but this is not something you need to be worried about because this kind of battery lasts for a long time thanks to its special design and advanced technology. The device runs on a single main interface of A/V which allows it to connect with many different gadgets like computers, laptops, digital cameras etc. The screen is Super AMOLED thin meaning that the display is bright and crisp which gives it a big reason to be compared to other modern smartphones. To add to all the amazing features, the Oppo F19 comes with two unique themes which include the Funeral and Granite themes. This handset will surely be one of the best devices of the season as it does not fail to impress you with its elegant looks and unique functions.