Our History…How it all began

Way back in 1986 there was no viable choice for the asian population to eat out which suited their palate. The first Kebabish was born in Southall (West London) with the aim to provide dishes which were authentic & home style and those which could not be easily produced in the humble home kitchen. We have stayed true to this ethos ever since and pretty much everything we do is food prepared in “apna” traditional style. The “Original” bit was inserted into our name to distinguish us from all the copycats that sprung up since then. You know what they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Great food inspired by tradition!

Our menu is a source of particular pride, comprising as it does, influences from a variety of cultural backgrounds and cooking styles. We use lumpwood charcoal and not gas to grill our food producing that unmistakeable barbecue taste.

As eating trends move towards healthier eating, we can provide nothing but the best and tastiest menus – our grilling methods provide a healthy, hearty, and exciting way to cook food. We know you will enjoy our menu no matter what your culinary background.

We are now fully open following our Refurbishment - come and check us out soon